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The Golf Swap Shop was established in 2021 to encourage golfers of all ages to consider swapping their used golf equipment with other fellow golfers, rather than just disposing of them, or letting them rot away in an old dusty garage/shed – Remember the old adage‘one person’s junk is another person’s treasure’.

The Swap Shop was also designed to save golfers time, instead of selling golf clubs and other second-hand golf gear, they can now list their items on the Swap Shop and watch the offers come in. From time to time, you may not always get the swap offers that you were hoping for, but please consider listing your products to see what offers you are provided with, you may be surprised.

Alongside the Swap Shop is our Selling Store, where all products (golf only) are listed, here you’ll find either new/second-hand golf equipment.


Golf Swing


Hi, this is Carl. I would like to share the wonderful experience that I had with The Golf Swap Shop. One of my friends recommended me The Golf Swap Shop and I am glad that she helped me with my requirements. I had a lot of used golf clubs that were no longer in use and I was unsure what to do with those golf clubs. But with the help of The Golf Swap Shop, I got the right buyers in a very short time and also got a good price for my golf clubs.

Golf Swing

John Peter

Hi, this is John, I recently came through this website: Golf Swap Shop. I must say that products come and go pretty quickly from this store! Moreover, Customer service is important and they always aim to exceed expectations. Highly recommend Golf selling & swapping.