Best Golf Essentials For a Great Kickstart

Golf Essentials for a great kickstart

To excel in golf, you need a lot of skill, patience and dedication. Along with this, you require the correct equipment that suits your body, weight, height and style. 

All of the above-mentioned can significantly improve your overall performance whilst playing golf.

Generally, inexperienced players and beginners in the game of golf need to be aware of these golfing essentials to assist them with improving their game. 

Best Golf Essentials For Beginners

There is no “one size fits all” in golf. You must be careful when choosing the type of golf products most inclined to your needs.

To get started, you must have golf clubs, balls, and clothing suitable for your golfing needs. We will be discussing the different varieties of equipment with you.

Choosing the Right Golf Club

The golf club is the most critical item of golfing equipment for all golfers to consider. Ideally, you want golf clubs which you feel comfortable with and are able to play with on any terrain and in any weather, etc.

Your height, weight, stance, and technique largely influence the ideal golf club for you. You should never buy a golf club based on recommendations from another golfer, as the things that are perfect for them might be wrong for your golfing needs. Instead, always try golf clubs physically, see which ones are best for your swing, and have the best feel.

Physics tells us that longer driver shafts can provide more torque and thus help achieve greater shot distance. However, an excessively long driver can slow down your swing speed and instead cause you a few issues.

Based on your height, you might need to add or subtract up to 2 inches from the standard length of your golf club to meet your needs. Besides, if your swing speed is fairly slow, you may benefit from looking for a lighter golf club to improve your swing speed and distance.

A stiff shafted club is not recommended for golfers with slow swing speeds.

You should check out our Selling Store if you are looking for a cost-effective way to purchase golf clubs or any other golf equipment.

Picking up the suitable golf balls

As a golfer, having a good golf ball is a no-brainer. If you are looking for golf essentials for beginners, then it is always recommended to have at least 3 sleeves of quality golf balls.

While golf balls look the same to the naked eye, there are many variations. Most importantly, different golf balls come with other cores. Various grades and densities of rubber are used to provide balls with a relevant speed and rotation.

You must carefully pick the most valuable ball that suits your game, less spin/more spin or further distance, depending on what your personal requirements are. Some of the popular sleeves of balls include Srixon AD333 which is a quality ball at the lower end of the price bracket.

At the higher end, there are premium balls such as Titleist AVX golf balls.

What to wear to play golf?

The importance of golf clothing for ensuring an ideal playing experience can’t be understated. As a golfer, you must wear clothes that allow complete unrestricted body movement. 

Besides, as a golfer, you sometimes spend long hours in direct sunlight, so your apparel should be selected to keep you cool in the heat. Shopping for golf clothing from a proper sports-focused retailer is always advisable. General-purpose shirts and trousers might not provide the desired air movement and comfort for playing.

There are plenty of options for clothing to choose from. Some of the common forms of golf clothing include:

  • Golf shirts
  • Golf trousers
  • Golf shoes
  • Golf gilet
  • Shorts

There are plenty of options to choose from. One of the popular choices for golf clothing includes gilets, various brands can be purchased for example: Under Amour Gilet, Sunderland Gilet, Galvin Green Gilet etc.

7 Golf Essentials To Always Keep in Golf Bag

Apart from the equipment above, you need to carry various other items in your golf bag, however,  it is your preference of what items you take onto the course.

  • Golf Glove: Helps get maintain a better grip on your golf club
  • Water Bottle: Keeps you hydrated and energized
  • Cap: To protect you from Sunlight
  • Towels: Dry out your sweat and clean your equipment
  • Sunscreen: Helps protect your skin
  • Carbohydrate-rich food: Fruits like Bananas or energy drinks that can boost your energy
  • First-Aid Kit:  In the event that you or your playing partners require minor treatment.

How To Choose The Right Golf Equipment?

Choosing the right golf equipment is a challenging task. With prior experience, it becomes easier to select the equipment. But as a beginner/intermediate-level player, you may not be very good at choosing the right equipment.

As a result, you would often make expensive purchases that aren’t always right for you. Moreover, as you and your playing technique evolve, your golf equipment requirements will also change, rendering your previously bought equipment useless.

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Benefits Of Buying Used Golf Equipment

The advantages of buying used golf equipment are unparalleled. Especially as a novice in golf, you can save a lot of money buying high-quality second-hand equipment.

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Until now, we have discussed some must-have golf equipment that you require to play golf, such as golf balls, clubs, and clothes. Besides, you must also be prepared with relevant golf essentials like bottles, caps, towels, etc.

However, finding the correct golf ball, clubs, and clothes isn’t easy. That’s why we have made it easy to buy or swap used golf equipment online at The Golf Swap Shop.

Second-hand purchases would allow you to test golf equipment without spending too much. You can easily purchase multiple pieces of golf equipment you need at any given time.

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