Different Types of Golf Clubs and Uses

A complete guide on types of golf clubs and their uses

Golf can be a gratifying sport. If you are a seasoned golf player, you must be aware of different types of golf clubs and their uses. However, if you are just a beginner, there is a lot to learn. A golf club is an essential accessory required to play golf. You can find a wide assortment of golf clubs that leave you confused about which one is the best for you. The different types of golf clubs are designed with assorted degrees to loft and hot the ball varying distances. To make things easier, we are going to elaborate on the different types of golf clubs and their uses so you can choose the right one for you accordingly. 

Understanding Different Types of Golf Clubs and Uses

The normal set of golf clubs is made of different clubs, so the player has one for every shot. These usually come with numbers. The lower numbers allow the player to hit the ball a longer distance than the higher-numbered golf clubs. Let’s talk about the different sorts of golf clubs along with their uses.


As a beginner, understanding the driver is important. It is because you are going to use a driver for your first tee shot. This shot refers to the first shot taken on a hole.

Also known as woods, these are also made of steel and titanium. As compared to other golf clubs, drivers are the ones with the lowest loft. It can range from 7 degrees to 11 degrees, depending on the height you want the ball to reach. As a beginner, you can use the 460 cc driver that helps you minimize the missing off-centre shots. However, seasoned players can use a lower cc that is 440 cc or less. One of the best drivers you can choose is ‘Titleist.’ This driver is ideal for lower handicapped players. You can also shop for Titleist Driver Used or new online at the Golf Swap Shop. 


Another highly used golf club is the iron golf club. It is quite popular among golf players because it lets you hit from any short or mid-range shots as well as from any hole. The club heads of iron clubs are made of metal. They generate extra spin on the ball because of these grooves. Moreover, iron heads are thinner than other clubs which means you get better accuracy, especially with close shots. If you are looking for a shaft that helps you control your shots better, look no further stiff shaft. The iron's stiff shaft is the most flexible shaft and provides better results for fast swing tempos. Moreover, it also helps in better short-game control.


Hybrids are the 21st-century golf club. Also known as utility clubs, this club's unique feature is its combination of both iron and wood clubs. It is quite effective in making airborne shots easily, minimizing the odds of mishits, and controlling swing and stroke direction. The design of this club makes it easier to hit a ball. Ideal for recreational golfers, this club allows golfers to make strokes easily. If you are seeking less drift of golf balls, this is the right one for you. 


 The characteristics and use of wedges can change the result of the game. These clubs look quite similar to the irons; the difference is their lofts, which range from 46 to 64 degrees. These are useful when the ball lands either on the turf surface or sand. The unique feature ‘bounce’ creates an angle between the sole of the clubface and the edge. Wedges are available in four types.

  • Gap Wedge- This is used for long-distance shots. It can cover a distance of around 110 yards.
  • Sand Wedge-It helps to chip the ball in the air and make shots easier. 
  • Lob Wedge-It helps generate greater spin on a ball, so it can be manipulated in the greens, such as spinning back to the hole. 
  • Pitching wedge - This is one of the most used wedges. It can make between a 50 to a 120-yard shot. 


The putter is one of the crucial and most used clubs in the game. It has a flat clubface which allows players to put the ball smoothly in the hole. You can find putters in different shapes and sizes. No matter which one you choose, the function of every putter is the same. There are two types of putters.

  • Blade Putter- This is for seasoned golfers with smaller heads.
  • Mallet Putter- It has a large and heavy head, enabling players to avoid mishits and get straight shots. 

Buying the Best Golf Club Online

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