How To Get The Best Price For Used Golf Equipment

How To Get The Best Price For Used Golf Equipment

Admit it, most golfers buy a lot of equipment to find the perfect fit for their needs. Sometimes one realizes that they have purchased expensive golf equipment in excellent new condition, only to realize that it hasn’t improved their game. Well, you can save yourself a large bill by selling or swapping your unwanted golfing goods. If selling, this will then provide you with the opportunity to purchase other used golf equipment with the revenue made. 

There are many great places to sell your no longer needed golf clubs or products, and one of these is ‘The Golf Swap Shop’. You can use it to buy, sell, or swap golf equipment with minimal effort. To be successful with your sale you must remember a few things when listing your products. 

Let’s see some key points that will be instrumental in getting you the best price for your good golf products.

Set A Reasonable Price

‘The right price’  is critical for attracting people to buy second-hand equipment. The right price is a price that you can justify in your mind for the particular product you are looking to purchase.

Setting the price too high could scare people away or make them immediately uninterested. On the other hand, you might be eager to make the sale, but this doesn’t mean you have to set the price too low, especially if looking to purchase yourself. Setting the price too low can make potential buyers sceptical about undisclosed defects and issues with your golf equipment.

You can do a bit of market research about the pricing of similar products on The Golf Swap Shop or elsewhere to understand the right price for your product. Once you know the correct price, you can bump it up slightly to leave room for negotiations.

Take Great Pictures

Great, detailed pictures that provide full details of your products can be instrumental in helping potential buyers make a decision. Moreover, most casual buyers tend to scroll quickly through the product catalogue and notice images more than text.

For example, if you are putting your golf bag up for sale, you should try to take images that clearly show buyers how many dividers your golf bag has, the condition, with any wear and tear images also provided, and in the standing position for a carry bag with legs. 

For golf clubs make sure you show the grip, the shaft, the head condition fully including any sky marks and the serial number which is usually on the hosel for irons. 


  • Take images in a bright, well-lit environment
  • Try highlighting all the features of your product with images
  • Take pictures from different angles to cover all aspects of your golf accessories


  • Use images straight from the internet
  • Take blurry, inaccurate, or difficult-to-understand images 
  • Upload two similar images with no additional value to one over the other

Use Product/Model Name

Simply writing “golf clubs for sale” as the title isn’t an excellent idea to get the right price for your golf clubs or any other equipment. Instead, your title should be descriptive of the specific product that you are selling.

Most people visiting The Golf Swap Shop understand golf and will quickly know the product category from your product name. Try to be descriptive by giving the product name, model number, and, optionally, 1-2 key features worth discussing.

For example, buyers looking for the best golf shoes for sale will be happy if you mention the brand and product name, then mention things like the size of the shoe or any additional features like memory foam, wide fit, goretex, spikeless etc.

Write A Thorough Description

The importance of good-quality descriptions can’t be understated. Most interested parties will make their decision based on your product description.

Your description should include information about your product, including its condition, usage, repairs, wear and tear, damage, etc. It should also have valuable information to help the buyer make a decision.

If there are any issues with the golf equipment, you must be happy to inform potential buyers about this. If you have used golf balls for sale and some are very old, note this down within the description.

This ensures that the customer knows what they are buying and cannot complain about misinformation or foul play on your end.

Swapping & Selling

Once you have done all this, you are now ready to get into action. With The Golf Swap Shop, you can list your products for ‘Swap’, this will enable you to swap with any swappers that already have products listed on the website, or you can list a product for swap and see what offers come in from golfers that browse The Golf Swap Shop.


In the case of a swap listing, people are able to offer you alternative golf equipment in return for your golf product listed. You will always have complete control over accepting or rejecting the offers.  

To create a swap listing, firstly, you have to register and become a member of The Golf Swap Shop. Thereafter, you can head to “My Account” in order to list your item/s. Select the “Swap” option in the Swap/Sell dropdown menu.

You must provide all the relevant details, including title, description, images, price, and more. Once listed, your product will be available for swap for a 10-Day duration. If it doesn’t receive any offers during this period or none that you deem suitable, then you can opt upon listing for it to be automatically transferred to the selling store for a further 10 days free of charge.


As far as direct selling is concerned, potential customers across the UK would be able to see your product listed on The Golf Swap Shop. 

Just like swapping, you must be registered in the Golf Swap Shop. Thereafter, you must go to “My Account” to list your product. Remember to select “Sell” in the “Type” dropdown. Please fill in the relevant details like title, description, photos, postage, pricing, and more.

Once listed, your golf equipment will be available for purchase for 10 days. However, you can also choose to automatically have your product relisted for a further 10 days free of charge (upon the initial listing) in case it receives no sales. 


The Golf Swap Shop is one of the best places to swap or sell golf equipment hassle-free. They allow you to buy or sell golf-related products, including golf clubs, golf bags, golf balls, golf shoes, and golf trolleys and there are various other golf accessories to choose from. In fact, they have some of the best affordable golf clubs for sale in the entire UK.

Being a golf enthusiast, you could also find some of the best and cheapest golf equipment for the right price at the Golf Swap Shop. Its swap feature is a game changer for those looking for new golf equipment and trying to get rid of old & used golf equipment simultaneously. So, what are you waiting for? Try selling or swapping your golf equipment today with The Golf Swap Shop.