How to List an item to Swap

To Swap an item via the Swap Shop you will have to firstly register to become a member of The Golf Swap Shop, or if you have registered previously log in using your username and password.

Once you have logged in to your account you will then need to go to ‘My Account’ and click on ‘List Item’ You will then select the category for your product to be listed under, next select ‘Swap’ in the ‘Type’ dropdown, add a title for the product ie: (Titleist irons 5-PW). A price (for example 45.00) this will then become your approximate value on the Swap Shop.

Further down is a box which you can tick, this is so your item moves to the selling store on the website if you do not manage to obtain a Swap within the 10-day duration (free of charge). Your item will move across to the selling store for the price of which it was listed on the Swap Shop (approx. value), so please do not under/over value. If you do not want your product to be automatically moved to the selling store, then please do not tick the box.

Your postage costs should then be entered into the ‘Shipping Charges’ box. Underneath this is a large box for you to best describe the product which you are listing for Swap, you can then add images of your item by Drag & Drop or by clicking on the ‘Click here’ in the bottom right corner (please ensure that all pictures are clear, no blurred photos).

Once you are happy with your listing, if you click on ‘List Item’ you will then be taken to another page where the fee for the listing will be calculated for you to see. Do not worry, if you want to go back to your listing at this stage then you can by clicking on the left arrow in the top left corner.

Once you are happy with your listing you can then click on ‘Pay Now’ your payment will then be required before your listing is added to the Swap Shop. Good Luck!

If your item does not Swap within the duration of the initial listing, then it will automatically move across to the selling store free of charge for 10 days, providing that you opted for this to occur when initially listing your product.

Also to note, there may be delay at times from when your listing expires on the ‘Swap Shop’ until it is then listed on the selling store.

Should you sell your listed golf product/s, then you will receive an invoice for the selling fees from The Golf Swap Shop for the sale of this item and any others made within that calendar month. Your fee is 5% of the sale price (including postage).