About Us

The Golf Swap Shop was established in 2021 to encourage golfers of all ages to consider swapping their used golf equipment with other fellow golfers, rather than just disposing of them, or letting them rot away in an old dusty garage/shed – Remember the old adage ‘one person’s junk is another person’s treasure’.

The Swap Shop was also designed to save golfers time, instead of selling golf clubs and other second-hand golf gear, they can now list their items on the Swap Shop and watch the offers come in. From time to time, you may not always get the swap offers that you were hoping for, but please consider listing your products to see what offers you are provided with, you may be surprised.

Alongside the Swap Shop is our Selling Store, where all products (golf only) are listed, here you’ll find either new/second-hand golf equipment.

Therefore, if you are not able to locate an item of interest on the Swap Shop, then why not browse our Selling Store to see what items our sellers have listed, you may be able to buy golf clubs second hand or find yourself another golfing bargain.

We want to help all golfers locate the products that they looking for, this can be done by clicking in the box ‘Let the Golf Swap Shop know what you are looking for’ and providing the requested information; if the Golf Swap Shop is able to locate the products you are looking for, then we will either send you the details of how to purchase the product from a third party or offer you a price to purchase from us directly.

We hope you enjoy using the website and find you can either make the required ‘Swap’ or purchase the item you were looking for.

Happy golfing!